Visit French Riviera during Festival Seasons to enjoy your trip the most

Want to be a part of the Cannes Film Festival in Corte d’Azur? Or you want to attend MIPCOM? Then, you should be on the French Riviera during the festival season. Actually, this island is always throbbing with fun, life, and excitement. This is a celebrated coastal town on the southern part of France. A coastal town, on the Mediterranean Coast, is absolutely unique in culture, tradition, food style and obviously in events and festivals. If you want to enjoy the place to the maximum, book French Riviera rentals and have a great festive holiday over there.

The culture of the French Riviera is quite unique than the mainland of the country. Though it is in France, the influence of Mediterranean culture is quite dominating here. The local name of the place is Corte d’Azur. So, if you want to experience the great amalgamation of French culture with a Mediterranean twist, visit the place during festivals. Here are the best events and festivals in the French Riviera that you can enjoy to the fullest.

  • Nice Carnival

Actually, it is more than nice. When the sun shines brightly during the day and the days are longer than at any time of the year and spring hits the country, Nice Carnival is all set to begin. This is a yearly festival that happens each year in February. This carnival started in 1294 and it has been decades, it is being celebrated with the same pomp and vigor. The main attraction of this carnival is different types of sports events while there are lots of free activities for kids, parades with floats and flowers, etc. to make your day full of amazement. If you are there during the parades, you will see men and women, dressed in colorful attire, throwing flowers at the spectators.

  • Fete De La Musique

You may not find this a formal music festival, but this is the best musical night you can have in the French Riviera. If you are willing to have the best night of summer in this coastal town, this is something you want to enjoy. Do you love karaoke? Then, this is the place you should head for. Grab your own instruments, guitar, piano, drums or whatever and create your own music. This happens around the entire town where people get on the street with their favorite costume and create unique music of greater taste. This wonderful harmony of music will make it worthy to visit French Riviera once in a lifetime. 

  • Cannes Film Festival

When you are on the French Riviera, how can you forget about the Cannes Film Festival? This is one of the greatest film festivals in the world where you can get the glimpse of your favourite film stars. The festival started in 1946 and with each passing year, it is getting more glamorous. This festival showcases old classic movies, launch new era movies along with organizing exhibitions and tributes. You can also attend the Cinema de Plage where you can watch a different film every night during the festival.

  • Jazz a Juan

If you are fond of jazz music and want to hear the greatest jazz artist singing their soul, this is the festival you should attend on the French Riviera. From the top class artists to the budding ones, every jazz musician presents their performance here and makes people go mad with their awesome music. Usually, it is a night concert that happens every year around mid-July. The set is framed by the parasol pines and at the backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea; it creates magic to your ears. When the sun sets and the crimson red gulps the sky and the sea, listening to your favorite jazz music live with your favorite drink in hands is the other name of bliss.

  • Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix

When talking about the best festivals and events on the French Riviera, this will definitely make a strong place on the list. Monaco is famous around the world for organizing Formula 1 racing. So far you have watched it on television. If you are in Monaco during the sports, you can have the excitement and thrill live. This is one of the most attractive and hottest spots for the rich and famous people around the world. It is organized in May each year with the best drivers around the world to race for 78 laps. This is something one must experience once in a lifetime!

  • International Monte Carlo Circus Festival

This festival was created by Prince Rainier III in 1974 and till now, it is celebrated each year in the month of January. This is the circus where the greatest showmen gather with their most incredible performances. Each year, performers from each continent gather here. Performers, like an acrobat, clowns, animal trainers, trapeze artists and lots of other genres come here to take part in the extravaganza. This is really a festival that you want to experience to make your trip at French Riviera exotic.

So, here are certain festivals and events at the French Riviera that you should experience during your trip. Know more about these and also about other fests and book tickets for these times. You should hurry as getting rooms at hotels will be difficult later. Have a nice trip and make French Riviera one of your best experiences in life.

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